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An interior design blog full of inspiration for your own projects. Mint Interiors is located at 1805 Fir St, Vancouver, B.C. All products featured on this blog can be ordered through Mint Interiors by calling 604-568-3430. Orders can be taken world-wide. Photographs are taken from projects done by Revamp Staging, from in-store scenes, or from various sources using products carried by Mint Interiors.

We are excited to announce the expansion of our retail operations. Opening August is the expansion of the Mint Showroom. We will be moving into an exciting new spacious area located right across the street at 3rd and fir.
But don't worry! Our current location isn't going anywhere. Located at 2nd and Fir, Mint's current location will be transformed into "Mint Gallery" focusing a lot more on artist's works and sculptural pieces.
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If you haven’t heard, Mint is expanding. Our new store will be opening August 31st, and our current location will transition into Mint Gallery

Experience sculptural beauty and other talented artist’s works

Gorgeous handblown glass like Donald Carlson’s vibrant cherries.

Andrew Madvin’s Elegant Thorn Vessels

Joe Cariati’s unique hand blown vases, bottles, and pie dishes.

Sophie Cook’s delicate ceramic vases.

Dinosaur Design’s unique resin platters and jewelry from Australia.

Crisp Plaster Busts by Kathy Dalwood of the UK

For more information about the new Mint,

Please contact our customer service team at 604 568 3430.

M I N T Interiors 

Unique Furniture + Beautiful Objects

1880 Fir Street, Vancouver, Canada


MINT Gallery

1805 Fir Street, Vancouver, Canada



Everyone needs a fine piece of blown glass on display in their home.

Take a look at Joe Cariati’s production of his Angelic Bottle.

Joe Cariati is a designer and glassblower from Los Angeles who produces high quality hand-made contemporary glassware. With so many colour variations you will surely find one to suit your home.