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We are excited to announce the expansion of our retail operations. Opening August is the expansion of the Mint Showroom. We will be moving into an exciting new spacious area located right across the street at 3rd and fir.
But don't worry! Our current location isn't going anywhere. Located at 2nd and Fir, Mint's current location will be transformed into "Mint Gallery" focusing a lot more on artist's works and sculptural pieces.
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This Wonderful Collection of colourful cushions shows the images of photographer Cécile Brulé. Capturing her travels from around the globe. These cushions are 100% designed and made in France, but will take you to a new destination with every cushion.

Cécile Brulé captures her images with her Holga and Polaroid, displaying them in a creative way, printing them on a soft, down filled cotton cushion.

Filled with 5% white goose down and 95% white goose feathers (washed and odour free) In a T255 100% cotton down proof shell. The down/feather inserts are made with new material only and sterilized down/feather filling.

Here are some of my favourite photographic cushions by Cécile Brulé:

The Montevideo Cushion

The Meadow Cushion

Come by Mint today to pick your favourite.

Remember, you can always take these cushions home to try out if you are unsure.